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Mind Wizards has been awarded a CPD Dual Accreditation. This means parents and carers have peace of mind that the course is delivered by a CPD Accredited Trainer and the course content has been reviewed and assessed by an independent professional body, The CPD Standards Office, to ensure its ongoing quality and effectiveness.


Mind Wizards has received Accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Online Programs.  The Accreditation Council for Online Programs (ACOP) was created to raise the bar within the online service-based industry. When consumers are looking to invest in themselves, they need to be able to confidently choose to partner with accredited businesses. ACOP is setting the standards for excellent programs and services by elevating the entire online marketplace.


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Kimberly - USA

I wanted to be able to help and guide my daughter who was having big emotions at school and at home. The Mind Wizards course is so valuable for children but also for parents, I learnt so much about emotional intelligence, how to positively handle feelings and thoughts.  My daughter is now making friends at school and she is confident in dealing with daily challenges.  I highly recommend for children and parents.


Christine - Canada

Gemma is so passionate about coaching children and determined to help families around anxiety.  She was able to help my daughter communicate the struggles she was facing in a safe environment. She is one of the most transformational coaches you will find for your child.

I would 100% recommend this course. From our first session we felt 100% comfortable and confident to be completely honest. It has given both my son and myself lots of handy tips to deal with different situations. My son's personality has really blossomed and his confidence has really improved. Thanks so much Gemma.

Alison - Isle of Man


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Mind Wizards has been very beneficial for my nephew. The content is tailored so the children understand and can apply. Additional information for adults is so helpful. This course should be standard in every primary school if at all possible.

Toni-ann - Isle of Man

My son Reuven liked everything about the course. His favourite is probably making "Buddy", his breathing friend. Reuven says the course has helped with his anxieties and he didn't want the course to finish.

Wendy - Isle of Man


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To work through some confidence issues and feeling anxious about ongoing situations at school, I decided to invest in the Mind Wizards at home course with my daughter so I could better help her manage her feelings.  The progress she has made in such a short period of time is mind blowing.   She is making new friends, trying new sports and even started her own website!

Kimberly - Texas USA

I started the Mind Wizards course recently with my niece and nephew and they love it!  The videos are really helpful and the activities cement what they learn.  I have also used the techniques myself at work and anytime I feel stressed so it helps the whole family.  Thoroughly recommended!

Anita - Perth Australia




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