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Coaching Services


Corporate Coaching

Emotional intelligence affects every areas of our lives and is crucial for positively navigating life's every day challenges.

Statistically, 90% of top performers in the workplace have high emotional intelligence.  The more people can understand their own thoughts, feelings and emotions the more they can understand someone else's.  When employees are equipped with the skills to increase their emotional intelligence they become better listeners, better managers, better employees and better people.

Increasing emotional intelligence in the workplace boosts productivity, increases staff retention, improves communication and grows employee satisfaction.

Teen Coaching

IQ is important for our children to succeed in life but strengthening their EQ is the thing that is going to help them calm their nerves when taking exams, going for their first job, starting new relationships and looking after their mental health throughout life.

Teen Minds empowers teens with the knowledge and skills to help them navigate the daily challenges of being a teenager in today’s world.  Focusing on growing healthy self-worth, building strong confidence, navigating social media challenges and positively managing all emotions to raise strong, unstoppable adults.

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Family Coaching

The Mind Wizards course is designed to work magic on little minds, empowering children with the practical skills to manage difficult emotions, thoughts and feelings and teaching them strategies for dealing with anger, anxiety and challenging situations.  It supports children on their journey to increased confidence, improved self love and gives them the tools to be masters of their own body, mind and emotions that will last a life time.

This course is not just for children though!  As parents we often find it difficult to help our children when their emotions are high, not to mention our own.  We do our best to reassure them, however sometimes we unintentionally make things worse.  The Mind Wizards course is going to equip parents with the knowledge and understanding on how to guide their children calmly and effectively through the daily struggles of parenting positively.

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