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The First Year

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Hd 720p The Kyon Ki Movie


Hd 720p The Kyon Ki Movie

the two return to the room. kyon calls haruhi on her cellphone, but it's a dead line. they notice an ice-cream cart, and kyon buys her a cone. he hands yuki a cupcake and tells her she's pretty. haruhi returns and the three discuss the situation. kyon tells them he'll have to return to his apartment, but haruhi reveals her true identity. kyon, yuki, and ryoko are shocked. haruhi tells them that she's haruhi suzumiya, a high school girl who has been thinking of kyon for three years. kyon asks her what the purpose of this is, but she refuses to tell him. however, kyon does remember a conversation with her from the literature club days ago. when he left, she told him to return if he ever wanted to know about haruhi. kyon then realizes that yuki must have confessed to haruhi that kyon is a real person.

haruhi says that kyon has a chance to meet haruhi's friends if he stays. kyon agrees to stay for one more day, but ryoko decides to leave with him. when they get to the akihabara station, kyon and ryoko go to haruhi's dormitory. they find haruhi's room and kyon walks in. he walks around and sees a photo of him, yuki, and haruhi. he then remembers his love letter to yuki, which he had given to her room. he finds the letter and reads it aloud to her. kyon explains that he thinks haruhi may be trying to get him to come back. ryoko tells kyon that he's been here for three years. ryoko then reveals that she has been following haruhi for three years. ryoko asks kyon if he knows where haruhi is now, but he doesn't know. he then remembers that haruhi was at a place called aomori. 3d9ccd7d82

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