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New Gui For Booga Booga Cool Features, Teleport, Speed, Jump


New Gui For Booga Booga Cool Features, Teleport, Speed, Jump

this glitch is used extensively in the map. if you are moving slowly, when you press space and teleport, your character will begin to move, very rapidly. they will move incredibly fast while at full health, however, they will stop moving when they begin to run out of health. this glitch has recently been patched because it made it much more difficult to use, but it has been rarely used since the update.

when a player teleports, even if they are out of range of the old teleporter, the old teleporter from a weapon will activate (if used once). this glitch is very useful because it can be used to make the player teleport a whole bunch of people instantly.

to telekinetically relocate yourself to an allies location you must hold (right click) on an ally in the party chat and press escape. if the skill fails there is a chance to teleport to the location you were holding on.

when using the shield break skill, you can teleport right into a player that is about to break your shield. while this glitch is useful to quickly get back to someone, and can be used for self-healing, it is also possible to manipulate the script files and prevent it from working. this is also to be noted that the shield already re-locks automatically once it has been broken.

when a player teleports near an enemy or explodes near one, they will teleport to the nearest weapon or explosion. if they fail to teleport they will be stunned, and if they teleport to an explosion they will still use the old teleporter and not the new one and will not be stunned when teleporting to a weapon if they teleport there. 3d9ccd7d82

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