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Brandon Bash Gay

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A #GUHHATL star is walking in his truth about his sexuality. Brandon Barnes, the nephew of Deb Antney, had a sit down with his cast mates to talk abut a controversial interview he did that they felt was used to bash them. After asking them face to face if there was an issue with the interview, Brandon also revealed that he was gay.

I am so tired of Catholic dudes spending inordinate time bashing the relatively small condemning gay and trans populations while ignoring the much more common sins right amongst them that is destroying families. You did mention that divorce is bad but how often is that divorce caused by adultery & porn Worry about you and your bros and how you can keep your marriages free of porn and adultery. You worry about you and let the trans person you haven't even met work their stuff out.

"There are so many places out there that bash gay people, talk about us, call us all types of freaks," she says. "But when you come to Wonderlust, you feel like you're at home. You feel welcome. It's like a big happy family."

One such outfit are the expert party champions at Heaps Gay, who are are teaming up with avant-garde drag crew Yummy for a massive bash as part of Melbourne Music Week on November 16 at the MMW Hub venue, the State Library of Victoria, packing a huge lineup of acts like Donny Benet, HABITS, Broadway Sounds, Brooke Powers and heaps more. 59ce067264

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