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Buy Nike Basketball Shoes

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When we talk about budget basketball shoes or cheap basketball shoes, a common misconception is that they are worse on-court performers than their signature or flagship counterparts. But even though brands need to reduce costs to make their basketball shoes cheaper, therefore packing less valuable tech and materials into these types of shoes, there are still excellent performance basketball shoes among them.

Admittedly, when we are talking about cheap hoop shoes, things get a little more hit or miss, but there are still plenty of great basketball shoes out there in this category. In fact, we see budget basketball shoes make our overall best basketball shoes list all the time, you just have to do a little more digging. Fortunately, here at Weartesters we test hundreds of basketball shoes every year on court, so all the hard work is already done and all is left is to find the best cheap basketball shoe for you.

To that end, we have made several lists to help you find the best affordable basketball shoes out there that fit your playing style. Here you will find the best budget basketball shoes currently on the market, but we also have lists of the best value basketball shoes and the best basketball shoe deals. Here we will be looking at shoes that were released as budget basketball shoes, in our value list you may find more expensive models that offer a ton of bang for your buck and on our deals page you can find great shoes that are now on sale.

The adidas Harden Stepback 3 is a fantastic budget basketball shoe option. The best part is the traction. It grips every surface, outdoor and indoor. However, we would not recommend them as long-term outdoor basketball shoes. The Bounce foam midsole feels like the one we fell in love with a few years ago. The materials are basic yet comfortable. The fit is accommodating, and wide-footers will especially enjoy it. Read the full review. Price: $80

The shoe features a Phylon midsole, the same grippy and durable traction pattern as in the Immortality 1 and functional but cheap materials. If you are looking for a cheap basketball shoe with a reactive cushioning set up and great traction, check these out. Read the full review. Price: $85

Retro basketball shoes, though they still retain their original performance-driven designs, are usually kept as collector's items. Many of them are worn as casual footwear simply because of their relevance to the larger popular culture.

To be fair, all basketball shoes provide support up to a certain extent. But some just rise above all others. On this page, we present the basketball shoes that offer the most dependable ankle support.

Nike leads the basketball shoe industry with its successful signature lines for players LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant. For at least two of these players, the brand also produces lines of cheap basketball shoes, or at least more affordable ones:

So it may come as a surprise that Nike, the consummate marketer, came to understand the importance of marketing late in its life: after it hit the $1 billion revenue mark. After more than a decade of meteoric growth, Nike misjudged the aerobics market, outgrew its own capacity to manage, and made a disastrous move into casual shoes. All of those problems forced the company into a period of intense self-examination. Ultimately, says founder, chairman, and CEO Phil Knight, the company realized that the way forward was to expand its focus from the design and manufacture of the product, where Nike had always excelled, to the consumer and the brand.

By 1978, the year Blue Ribbon Sports changed its corporate name to Nike, Jon Anderson had won the Boston Marathon wearing Nike shoes, Jimmy Conners had won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open wearing Nike shoes, Henry Rono had set four track and field records in Nikes, and members of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams were wearing them. Sales and profits were doubling every year.

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