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The First Year

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[S1E4] We Are The Captains Now


[S1E4] We Are The Captains Now

On the bridge, Pike seemingly goes through the five stages of grief all in the space of this episode. He exemplifies why he's one of the best captains in Starfleet as he expertly relies on the skills and advice of his crew, inspiring each of them to use their unique talents in a desperate situation. In contrast with La'an and Spock, Pike allows his emotions to flow through him and drive him to be an even better leader. The whiplash of one plan succeeding before being immediately faced with an even bigger threat would bring just about anyone to their knees. Pike takes the waves in stride ebbing and flowing through the emergency to find the solution that keeps as many people safe as possible. Because he doesn't cut himself off from feeling the pain of loss or the joy of victory, each of these beats are punctuated by sincerity.

A second Aetherblade base was discovered in Broadhollow Bluffs, outside Lion's Arch. The Commander set out to plunder the second hideout and learned that it was the garage for another Aetherblade airship. This new information confirmed that the Aetherblade pirates are much bigger than one base within Lion's Arch. Meanwhile, in the city, Magnus discovered that Theo Ashford's second[37] was killed weeks prior in the events of the Molten Alliance. Because there would be an open council seat, the Ship's Council were forced to have a council election for a new captain. In reply, Magnus nominated Inspector Ellen Kiel for the position. However, as only captains can be nominated,[38] Magnus commandeered the abandoned Aetherblade airship for Kiel, effectively making her eligible for the election. 59ce067264

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