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Notebooks 3.0

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In this post, we showcase some of the exciting new features built into SageMaker notebooks and call attention to some of our favorite open-source extensions that improve the developer experience when using SageMaker to build, train, and deploy your ML models.

With the upgraded notebooks in SageMaker, you can take advantage of the ever-growing community of open-source JupyterLab extensions. In this section, we highlight a few that fit naturally into the SageMaker developer workflow, but we encourage you to browse the available extensions or even create your own.

The first extension we highlight is the Language Server Protocol extension. This open-source extension enables modern IDE functionality such as tab completion, syntax highlighting, jump to reference, variable renaming across notebooks and modules, diagnostics, and much more. This extension is very useful for those developers who want to author Python modules as well as notebooks.

For more information about writing similar lifecycle scripts for SageMaker Notebook Instance, refer to Customize a Notebook Instance Using a Lifecycle Configuration Script and Customize your Amazon SageMaker notebook instances with lifecycle configurations and the option to disable internet access. Additionally, for more information on extension management, including how to write lifecycle configurations that work for both versions 1 and 3 of JupyterLab notebooks for backward compatibility, see Installing JupyterLab and Jupyter Server extensions.

SageMaker Notebook Instance users can also specify the default notebook version both from the console and using our API. If using the console, note that the option to choose the Jupyter Lab 3 notebooks is only available for latest generation of SageMaker Notebook Instance that comes with Amazon Linux 2.

Eurocom Corporation (, a leading developer of long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performance mobile workstations and mobile servers is adding the new MXM 3.0b NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560M GPU to its line of available Graphics Processing products. The addition of the GTX 560M card in single and dual (SLI) configurations gives Eurocom customers a complete choice of video processor options to fit any requirement, whether it be to upgrade their existing notebook or configure into their new Eurocom system. Eurocom has been a leader in integrating MXM technology into systems since its creation, in fact Eurocom introduced upgradeable / modular VGA in 1999, predating MXM specifications - in the 3300A and 3500 models.

The benefits of utilizing modular MXM graphics cards in mobile computer platforms are great. Upgradeability had been a philosophy of Eurocom since 1989, Eurocom notebooks utilize MXM technology to allow the systems to be upgraded to newer video cards when they become available without having to buy an entire system. 59ce067264

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