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Feynman Lectures On Physics Epub Download PATCHED


Feynman Lectures On Physics Epub Download PATCHED

the feynman lectures on physics are a series of lectures on the nature of matter and the forces that act among the elementary particles in the universe. the lectures cover matter, forces, and the behavior of matter, the roles of the basic forces, and the nature of space and time. they also include a section on quantum mechanics, the relativistic mechanics of electrons, and a brief section on quantum electrodynamics. the lectures are unique in that they are available for free online, so you can read them anytime and anywhere. they are also often highly cited in the scientific literature.

heres a quick guide to what youll find inside the ebook. of course, this doesnt mean that youll be able to understand the math which is more than a bit of a pain. the feynman lectures are based on standard introductory physics, and some of the physics concepts are quite complex. i should also say that this is a rough translation, and a lot of the original content is missing (e.g. a lot of graphics are missing). you can also download some of the audio lectures.

the most significant contribution that feynman made to theoretical physics was the formulation of quantum electrodynamics (or qed), the theory that describes the interaction of charged particles with one another and with electromagnetic fields. in his landmark lectures, feynman introduced a new and simple way of approaching these interactions that has since been widely used in many areas of physics. the lectures are based on the standard treatments of physics, and a simplified version of the math, so they should be accessible to students of physics at the introductory level. 3d9ccd7d82

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