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Media Player For_Cars 2

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Better battery life and an easier-to-use remote make the CarPlay-equipped AVH-K2 a better choice than the pricier, touchscreen-equipped AVH-K4S, even though the AVH-K4S, at 7.3 millimeters thick, is a bit easier to carry with its smaller, sleeker size. And its 7.4 millimeters of thickness is comparable to the AVH-K2s, which are significantly thinner, especially in its back panel. At a base cost of $35 less than the AVH-K4S, its bigger battery, optional 6-disc CD/DVD player, and other features make the AVH-K2 the better value.

The following properties help determine how media files are handled by your service. Property Use Description REWIND_TYPESearchHow you'd like the media to play back (for example, seek forwards to the beginning). Specify any of the following: REWIND_TYPESeek REWIND_TYPEFast forward REWIND_TYPEStop

While Android will seek an item that is not playing for the user, you can disable seek support in your onSeek() implementation. If you do so, you must still handle the player status message and handle pre-roll and post-roll jitter as described above.

If the user navigates away from a media item, you must stop playback. Media that is not currently playing is invisible to the user. You can detect this condition by using the onPause() method. 3d9ccd7d82

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