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Word2TeX 5.0: A Word to LaTeX Converter

LaTeX is a powerful system for typesetting scientific and technical documents, but it can be challenging to learn and use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word and want to create LaTeX documents without having to learn a new markup language, you may be interested in Word2TeX, a converter that enables Microsoft Word to save documents in LaTeX format.


Word2TeX is a product of Chikrii Softlab, a company that specializes in developing software for scientific and technical publishing. Word2TeX is designed to work with Microsoft Word and supports all versions of Equation Editor and MathType, including the newest Microsoft Word built-in Equation Editor. Word2TeX can translate text, equations, color, formatting, styles, footnotes, endnotes, index, references, hyperlinks, figures, and more from Word to LaTeX. Word2TeX can also be customized to produce any LaTeX-based format, such as AMS-LaTeX or REVTeX.

The latest version of Word2TeX is 5.0, which was released in 2018. Word2TeX 5.0 has many new features and improvements, such as:

  • Support for Microsoft Word 2016 and Windows 10.

  • Improved conversion of equations, especially for complex and nested expressions.

  • Improved conversion of tables, including merged cells and borders.

  • Improved conversion of figures, including cropping and scaling options.

  • Improved conversion of hyperlinks, including cross-references and bookmarks.

  • Improved conversion of bibliography, including support for BibTeX and natbib.

  • New options for customizing the output LaTeX code, such as indentation, line breaks, comments, and macros.

  • New options for converting specific document elements, such as headers, footers, captions, page numbers, etc.

  • New options for converting specific document formats, such as IEEEtran or Elsevier.

  • New options for converting specific languages, such as Chinese or Arabic.

To use Word2TeX 5.0, you need to have Microsoft Windows XP or later and Microsoft Word XP or later (32-bit version). You also need to have at least 10 megabytes of free disk space. You can download a free trial version of Word2TeX 5.0 from the Chikrii Softlab website. The trial version has some limitations, such as converting only the first page of a document and inserting a watermark in the output LaTeX file. To remove these limitations, you need to purchase a license for Word2TeX 5.0. The price of a single-user license is $99 USD. You can also purchase a multi-user license or an academic license at a discounted price.

If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to convert your Word documents to LaTeX format, you should give Word2TeX 5.0 a try. It will save you time and effort and help you create professional-looking LaTeX documents with minimal hassle.

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