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The skills and techniques to support your teen to be masters of their own body, mind and emotions


The course is divided into 6 learning sections.  Each section contains practical learning activities (supplies included) to target to all learning styles.​

The section content is described below:

  • Self love and acceptance - why it is important for children to love themselves and be kind to themselves as well as others practical exercises to increase self worth

  • The Power of Thoughts - how to manage difficult thoughts and how this helps with our emotions

  • Emotions and Feelings - how to handle our feelings when people are mean, how to control our emotions and deal with them positively, how to be positive when we feel down

  • The Magic of Now - what we can and can’t control, how to stop worrying about the past or the future

  • Calming Techniques – how to recognise when anxiety and worry is rising, how to calm down and manage big emotions like anger, worry, sadness and anxiety

  • The Power of Words - visualisation and how to make a daily routine which solidifies the techniques into everyday life for now and in the future

  • Plus 'What to teach, Why to teach and How to teach' Print Outs for parents

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Children go to school every day to learn how to read, write and do mathematics which are essential life skills.  However, children are not often taught the essential skills to manage big emotions, negative thoughts or different feelings including anxiety.  When children feel confident and in control their ability to learn increases and sadly, the opposite is also true.  When children feel anxious, worried, upset and unsure their ability to learn is severely limited.  Mind Wizards supports and equips you and your children with the internal skills that increase emotional intelligence, giving them the keys to unlock true self confidence and unlimited potential within themselves.  


What is Mind Wizards?

Does your child show signs of anxiety, lack self confidence, is highly sensitive or struggles to adjust to change?

The Mind Wizards course is designed to work magic on little minds, empowering children with the practical skills to manage difficult emotions, thoughts and feelings and teaching them strategies for dealing with anger, anxiety and challenging situations.

The course is tailored to 5-11 year olds and is going to support children on their journey to increased confidence, improved self love and give them the tools to be masters of their own body, mind and emotions that will last a life time.

This course is not just for children though!  As parents we often find it difficult to help our children when their emotions are high, not to mention our own.  We do our best to reassure them, however sometimes we unintentionally make things worse.  The Mind Wizards course is going to equip parents with the knowledge and understanding on how to guide their children calmly and effectively through the daily struggles of parenting positively.


The Mind Wizards Box contains everything you need to complete the course:

  • 39 training videos for parents & children

  • Mind Wizards activity box

  • Journal & pen

  • Book

  • Activity printouts

  • Activity supplies

  • Affirmation cards & box

  • Emotions chart

  • Breathing beads

  • 6 Session guide notes for parents

  • Certificate and gift upon course completion 






Includes Mind Wizard Box

Includes Mind Wizard Box

We ship our Mind Wizards Box WORLDWIDE!

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